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We hold various categories of stock which may be browsed using the buttons on the left. The pictures we hold are of very high quality, and prospective buyers may have the reassurance of a Condition Report prepared by an independent paintings conservator sent on request. The age and authenticity of our paintings is guaranteed.

Clients known to us frequently take paintings on approval for inspection in their own homes, a service which is seldom if ever available from other sources of paintings such as auctioneers. Our shipping service is highly efficient, with professionally packed shipment delivered by air-freight worldwide within seven days.

Our stock is sourced largely from private collections, and only a lesser proportion is bought in public auctions. We thus offer paintings which are often unknown on the wider market.

All the paintings on this website have a smaller and larger image for you to inspect, together with a text which amplifies the bare facts about the painting, its author and title and its size. Full art-historical details are usually supplied, but, where appropriate, further information can also be supplied on request by e-mail.

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